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Our Approach

Managing your career

We really try to look at employment services as helping you learn how to manage your job search over your lifetime. So its not just about what you are going to do as you get a job but how to manage that over your lifetime. Because the next thing you do is probably not going to be the last thing you do. So part of what we consider as our job is to help you figure out how to make a career change, how to decide when its time to make a career change, and then what are the steps to go through to make that happen. And thats really the focus overall of the employment services we provide. 

We are not here to find the next position for you, whether that be with your current company or somewhere else. But we are here to help you figure out how to do that. 

We are very much a partnership and its going to require a lot of input and effort on your part but we are willing to provide that very same input on the other side.

A lot of our time spent during one on one consulting may come through various channels, but mainly we will communicate through the phone and through email, and occasionally through newsletters to help you get where you want to go.

Beyond the one on one conversations, there is a lot of programatic stuff that we do that any client can participate in. Things from learning how to network, doing a better job of preparing your resume, preparing for an interview, and how to do an informational interview. There are a lot of things that we do that any client can benefit from and we welcome your support and feedback in those processes.