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What Happens Next

Once we receive notification from the Social Security Administration that your Ticket has been assigned to us, one of our job developers will contact you.

Our process begins with getting to know you, your goals, your personal motivation, and your past experiences.

We’d like to find out your employment background, wage expectations, and desired locations of work, both in terms of geography and industry.

We’ll then discuss current and future opportunities and guide you through your employment decisions.


If we both agree that we are a fit for each other, your job developer will work with you to identify opportunities that are your ideal fit.

You’ll benefit from knowing someone is on your side and working with you to find the right job.

We can help you prepare for interviews and act as a sounding board for any questions or concerns you may have during the job hunting process.

Let’s get started today.      Toll Free: 866 872 1743